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"Health Fact" Does the shape of your finger reveal your personality?

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Title : "Health Fact" Does the shape of your finger reveal your personality?
link : "Health Fact" Does the shape of your finger reveal your personality?

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"Health Fact" Does the shape of your finger reveal your personality?

Just imagine a quiz that is specifically based on the shape of your fingers. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But this is a common practice that is carried out in many cultures in order to study about human behavior and personality. It is believed that the shape of your finger can display your personality. Have you ever given it a try? If not, give an attempt and find out whether this belief is a fact or just a rumor.

Why don’t you take a look at your fingers? Will you believe if you are told that your fingers can predict your personality? It sounds like those funny tests you see on Facebook these days, right? But this is something in which experts believe, they think that there might be some truth about it and a lot of research is going on in this respect.

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Does every finger have a meaning?
Did you ever take a note of the shape of your fingers? If no, you must look at it right now and find out how they appear. It might be surprising to read, but yes, every finger on your hand actually carries a meaning. The fingers on your dominant hand display your work and social personality. Similarly, the other hand showcases your close relationships and your behavior at home. You will be surprised to know that you have strong fingers and weak ones as well. The stronger a finger is, you will display that personality trait more.

What are the characteristics of each finger?
  • Pinkie reflects your communication style
  • The ring finger displays innovation and creativity and the urge to be in the spotlight.
  • Middle finger denotes efficiency, wisdom and growth
  • Index finger showcases the vision, influence, power and authority
  • Thumb is the drive to succeed.
For instance, if your middle finger is stronger than the others, there is every possibility that you will enjoy wisdom and growth in your life and will be efficient in life as well.

How to identify the strong and weak fingers?
Usually if you find your fingers standing straight and tall, they are considered as strong. On the other hand, when the fingers are seen to be leaning towards another adjacent finger, bent or crooked, they are considered to be weak ones. Identifying the weak and the strong fingers on your hand is not a very challenging thing to do.

  • What the different shapes of your fingertips have to say?
  • Flared or broad fingertips showcase that you have immense love for originality and innovation.
  • Round fingertips reflect that you always want harmony and peace and you tend to avoid arguments and disapprovals.
  • People with pointed fingertips have interest in pursuing mystical and the unusual affairs.
  • Flat or square fingertips display accuracy and precision.
  • Have a look at your fingertips and try to identify the category you fall into.

When index finger is longer than the ring finger
What if your index finger is longer than your ring finger? There is every possibility of you being arrogant and over-confident. You may not be an introvert person, but you don’t mind spending some quality time on yourself. This is the scenario, especially when you are working on a project and want to complete it at the earliest. You are mostly happy with whatever you have but always wish to have something more. Moreover, you might shy away from taking the first step in the relationship.

"Health Fact" Does the shape of your finger reveal your personality?

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